Refund and Returns Policy

All the orders will be dispatched within 2 working days .
All orders Will be dispatched via reputable courier companies like DTDC,FedEx etc.

Cancellation Policy:

Your order could be cancelled for the following reasons:

The item(s) is no longer available
We were unable to process your payment
We are not able to ship to the address provided
A duplicate order was placed
Pricing or promotions errors
Product set-up errors
Failure to pick up Order from the store.

You can cancel the order within 12 hours of placing it.However a transaction charge of 3 – 5% will be debited while refunding the amount.

Your order cannot be cancelled once it has shipped.
For Prepaid orders which have been denied at delivery will be charged 2 way shipping + a restocking fees of 15%

Refund/ Exchanges:

A. Reason for refund/exchange:
1. If the product is damaged/faulty, we’ll exchange the product. No cost to customer.
2. If there is an issue, where the product causes functional issue with standard usage of bike , we’ll give full refund or exchange the product (after confirmation).
3. If the product is incompatible (and website says it is compatible), we’ll either replace it with correct part or give full refund (after confirmation). No cost to customer.
4. If the customer orders wrong product, we’ll replace it with correct part or refund the amount paid. Refund/Exchange costs applicable. Partial Refund.
5. If the customer does not want the product after accepting the delivery, no refund will be provided.
6. If the customer refuses the delivery, due to any reason (except for failure of courier company to reach the destination), a refund will be provided. Refund/Exchange costs applicable. Partial Refund.

B. Condition of Products on Refund / Exchange:
1. All products, that are to be returned to Superbike Spares India, must be in original and undamaged condition and must include all items shipped with it, included fasteners, accessories, free gifts etc.
2. Cases where product was received damaged, may be excluded from this rule, subject to satisfaction of Superbike Spares India.
3. Returning items are Customer’s responsibility. So kindly ship it via a reputed courier company.

C. Refund / Exchange Costs:
1. Where-ever a refund or exchange is to be given, and Superbike Spares India or the courier company is not at fault, shipping charges will be applicable.
2. For such cases, shipping charges will be determined as such:
Exchange: 2-way shipping charges.
Partial Refund: 1-way shipping charges.
3. Shipping charges will be calculated at actuals, as charged by the courier company to Superbike Spares India. This may be different to the shipping charges mentioned on Superbike Spares India website or partner website. For products with free shipping mentioned, while buying the product, shipping charges will be calculated at the actual amount incurred by Superbike Spares India.
4. Any other amount which is non-refundable to Superbike Spares India , such as Payment Gateway charges, Third Party charges (example amazon/ebay fees), government taxes etc, will also be deducted while giving partial refund.

D. Time Period:
1. If the product is received in damaged condition, it must be brought to Superbike Spares India’s attention within 48 hours of receiving the delivery.
2. All other issues must be brought to attention of Superbike Spares India within 5 days of receiving the delivery of the product.
3. Product will be considered delivered according to Courier Company’s data.

E. Disputes:
1. All decisions made by Superbike Spares India in respect to exchange and refund are final.

2. All legal disputes are subject to Jurisdiction of courts in Pune district or higher.

For International Orders.
1) A customer can cancel the order within 72 hours of placing it, how ever a standard Transaction fee and currency conversion /refund fees will be debited while refunding the order.
2)A Restocking Fee of 15% will be charged along with Transaction and currency Conversion Charges.

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